yossman.net basic unix shell account help
document first created 1996-11-30
document last updated 2003-06-06

diskspace usage email help directory and file permissions general-purpose unix help
password creation tips

although the original yoss.canweb.net machine no longer exists, i still administrate many unix shell servers for much the same reasons -- secured, remote logins to "always-on" information storage systems are important to many people today.


a few months ago i was looking for general-purpose unix help, and came across
this 'unix' manual-type thing written by Christopher C. Taylor, which in his own words, was 'prepared to help acquaint new users with Unix and vi and provide a quick reference for me in case I forgot a how to do something.' i thought it was pretty good for what it was written for and decided to mirror it [1].


here's a couple
tips on making passwords. you want to be as sure as possible that even if your encrypted password falls into a hacker's hands, that they'll have a hard time cracking it.


if you are concerned about other people on yossman.net viewing or copying your files, or are just interested in knowing a little more about
file/directory permissions, please check this little help text i've written on the subject.

last updated 13jul96

getting a lot of email to your account? don't like it all sitting in your inbox? would you like to have it be sent to another email address? here's some
help with email and the email utilities i have installed here, like "procmail", the email sorter.

created 19jun96

for those of you wanting to find out how much disk space i have left on yossman.net to make sure there's enough room for files you're thinking of putting here, please check out my "
df" help if you don't already know how to use this command and how to read its output. should you want to know how much space you personally are taking up on my system, please check out my "du" help.


[1] [10nov96] mirrored with permission.