with modifications by Incubus

Q3Radiant-203b1-Incubus01.zip Contains q3radiant.exe and IncubusChanges.txt. This is a replacement for an existing q3radiant.exe. You'll probably want to make a copy of your old q3radiant.exe.

Q3Radiant-203b1-Incubus01src.zip Contains all the source and IncubusChanges.txt.

This isn't an active project like QuakeEd 5. I just added some stuff to make the editor bearable the few times I use it.

Incubus Changes to Q3Radiant:
Version 01:

December 24, 11:53PM:

Added mouse zoom for 2D views, Z view, and Texture view (ALT + Right-drag).

December 24, 11:53PM:

Changed the "driving" code for the Camera view. Moving mouse left/right now behaves more like it would in the game.

December 24, 11:53PM:

Holding Shift and Right-dragging in the Camera view now makes the camera position rotate around selected brushes.

Note: There is a bug in this code and every once in a great while the camera position will go way off the map. You won't be able to see the map from wherever it takes you, so you'll have to manually reposition the camera position in the 2D/Z views.