web site help for the www.canweb.net (yoss.canweb.net) server.
main info last updated 29dec96 - created 08jun96

i would prefer if you are going to have a homepage on www.canweb.net that it be on the small side, and not business-related.

many of you with shell accounts here are getting them for next to nothing, and you should respect the people who are paying for their pages by not eating large amounts of diskspace/bandwidth. if you want to pay for a homepage so that you get more privileges, or to allow you to have a more professional business page, just email me. we aren't exactly expensive.

to have a homepage on my box, make a directory called "public_www" in your home directory (the directory you are first in when you log into yoss.canweb.net). put the file "index.html" in it to start your homepage. now, when people hit "http://www.canweb.net/~youracct/" they will get that index.html file.

CGIC CGI script helper CGI script security hints domain aliases image collections
page hit counters


i found a page today which lists some interesting hints to do with writing good, secure CGI scripts, you can
check it out here, or at the original URL, "http://www.csclub.uwaterloo.ca/u/mlvanbie/cgisec/".


i installed a new CGI script helper today. please see "
cgic.html" for more details. the library has been installed to "/usr/local/lib/cgic105/".


i've added a capability to alias a canweb.net domain to a name you would like to point to your homepage. let's say your username was 'jeff'. instead of having http://www.canweb.net/~jeff you can now have http://jeff.canweb.net/ take you straight there. aside from the obvious bonus of having a leet canweb.net domain name for your page (haw haw), you can now have your own set of ERROR documents.

if someone hits jeff.canweb.net with a request for a page that doesn't exist, you can have your own error page come up to tell they have the wrong address. to activate this, make a document called 'pagenotfound.html' in your public_www directory. if you don't do this it, they won't get anything if they get an error while trying to access a non-existent document on jeff.canweb.net. keep in mind this special error handling applies only if someone is using your special domain name. if they use the normal www.canweb.net/~jeff it will show
the standard pagenotfound.html document for www.canweb.net.

get in touch with me if you'd like a canweb.net alias.


i have a new
collection of images online that original comes with the H0TMetaL Pr0 3.0 distribution. you may want to check it out if you are doing homepage work.


i've been asked several times to make a counter available so that people can see how many times their pages have been hit. i've finally installed a good one, follow this
link to get instructions.